Our Consultancy

How We Consult?

Achievers Care Solutions provides management consultancy services to service planners, and providers across the health and social care communities. We operate in both the public and independent sectors. Our work spans the adult care spectrum.

We offer a service throughout the UK. Achievers Care Solutions believe that only organisations that have a strong strategic focus and operational capability are likely to meet the challenges ahead.

What We Offer?

Achievers Care Solutions can offer a variety of management consultancy services to your organisation or service. Our input is always designed to meet the particular needs of clients in a timely and flexible way. We can offer bespoke solutions to your management difficulties.
Are you concerned about how effectively or efficiently your organisation or service is operating? Have you been subject to criticism by external inspectors or regulators? Do you feel that your service is poorly positioned to optimise on its opportunities in a changing environment? If you would like help, we can assist you.

We offer an audit and review service that can be designed to explore most aspects of a services operation. The audit or review will highlight key areas of a service’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats. On completion of the audit or review, recommendations for improving the services positioning and operation will be made.

Is your organisation or service meeting the needs of its service users or clients? We will carry out an assessment of the extent to which the operation is meeting client’s needs and expectations. Following assessment, a detailed action plan will be provided on how the quality of the operation can be improved.
Does your service need to change to meet the increasing needs and expectations of stakeholders? Does your service need to ‘modernise’ in order to meet government targets and key milestones? Do you believe that your service is increasingly being left behind by changing technologies and practices? If the answer to any of the aforementioned questions is yes – then we can help you! We can assess the need for change within your organisation or service, design a change programme and assist in the implementation of change strategies and plans.
Do you know where your organisation needs to go, but need help in planning the way forward? Do you need to plan improvements to your service, but lack capacity to carry out the requisite work? We can assist in the development of strategies and operational plans at organisation or service wide levels.
Does your organisation or service require interim management support, at either a strategic or operational level, if so, we may be able to help you.

How we help?


We assist people to setup recruitment agency


We train employers to implement their procedures and ensure the is maintained and developed to meet quality standard


We have on site website designers




Business managers to support on a one to one basis


Provide all necessary documents needed to start a recruitment agency


Supported living accommodation and business


Residential home